Wireless Solutions

Expand your IT infrastructure and empower your employees with IT Works Co.’s far-reaching, always-on office WiFi.

Accomplish more with business-wide wireless access technology.

Giving your users the ability to meet and collaborate away from their desks, anywhere in the office, increases productivity and allows for greater ownership of their responsibilities.

Whether your company takes up a few small offices on a single floor, or occupies an entire building or city block, you need a WiFi signal that extends to the entire perimeter of your workplace. But one router usually isn’t enough to cover every nook and cranny, and implementing an effective solution to this problem can be complicated and costly.

IT Works Co.’s nearly two decades of experience means we understand the ins-and-outs of complex WiFi networks, large or small, and will ensure your organization’s entire office is served by a strong, reliable signal. We’ll devise a wireless routing solution that eliminates router conflicts, handles any amount of users, and meet your business’s unique demands.

IT Works Co. installs full-featured wireless solutions for small- and medium-sized businesses throughout Ontario that put the power of the Internet -- and your intranet -- into users’ hands so they can connect from any device, from anywhere in your office, at any time.

Our secure, stable Wireless Solutions offer numerous advantages over traditional wired networks:

  • Easy network access from all over your property
  • Increased productivity from an expanded “work space”
  • Wiring-free scalability when you need to add users
  • Reduced costs associated with installation and labor
  • Bandwidth management tools to handle surges in traffic
  • Far better security than commercial store-bought routers
  • Convenience for stakeholders visiting your place of business
  • Uncluttered IT environment from the absence of network cabling